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What is the difference between Buttercream and Royal Icing?


Buttercream is made with butter, milk, vanilla & almond extract and confectionery sugar.

It is creamy and used mainly on cakes.  I use it on cookies to make things that are “fluffy”.  This is my favorite icing because it is the one I have used since I have been baking. However, it does not allow details and dry completely to bag and use as party favors.


Royal is made with meringue powder, water, vanilla & almond extract, corn syrup & confectionery sugar.

It is great of sugar cookies to add details and dries completely.  I have tested and tried many different recipes and finally landed on a good mix that I like.  It is perfect for favors!


Can you omit the almond extract?


Yes, of course!  My sugar cookie recipe is one I have made since I started baking and does contain a teaspoon of Almond Extract.  I also use Almond Extract in my icings because I think it gives them a little something extra!  But I have made cookies and icing without and my testers said they were delicious! 


Can you bake Gluten Free Cookies?


Yes. There will be an up charge depending on the amount of cookies.


How much does a custom order cost?


A dozen custom cookies start at $35 and can go to $60 a dozen depending on the design of the cookies and of course the amount of cookies.  If you would like one design verses 4 different designs will also make a difference.  If you would like to order a cake, again depends on the size and design.


How do I order cookies?


To order cookies, please fill our “Contact” tab and let me know what you are looking for, the amount and the date needed.  I will see if I am available to accommodate your date and send you an email back along with pricing.  Or you may message me through Facebook as well.


Do we ship cookies?


Yes.  I am happy to ship cookies.  I will wrap each cookie, so there will not be any breakage and mail an extra just in case.  Customers will have to pay the shipping fee. All cookies are shipped via Priority Mail flat rate -  medium boxes $15.50 and large boxes $21.50.


How do I pay Heart of Sugar Bakery?


Payment can be through Paypal (urches@yahoo.com), Venmo (@kimberly-urch) and cash.    


How do I receive my cookies?


I am happy to make deliveries and try to get your order to you the day before or the morning of your event.  We can make those arrangements closer to your event.